Random HOWTOs

As I figure out how to do things, I'm going to place them here so I don't forget. Maybe these examples will be useful to someone else too. It's an unorderded dumping ground right now.

1. Simple TCP server [C source]

The smallest example I could come up with on how one would make a TCP server.

2. PThread Thread [C++ header, C++ source]

I've taken ideas from the Java Thread API and written a wrapper around pthreads.

3. Cyclical Dependency Structs With Linked List [C source]

Two structs that refer to each other. Both are linked lists.

4. Non-Recursive Arbitrary Precision Fibonacci and Euler Series [Java source]

Java makes everything so easy

5. XOR Swap [C source, C++ source]

A very fast way to swap two fundamental types or pointers without a third temporary variable.

6. Start Writing Java Code

Simple instructions on what files to download if someone is interested in learning about java.

7. Harden a home Window Box

Every time I touch someone's computer I notice the computer is littered with adware/malware/spyware. So I wrote some instructions on how one could help prevent picking up internet STDs.

8. HOWTO: Profile memory in Linux

I wrote this YEARS ago, posted it on one of the Linux mailing groups with the hope someone would peer review it. No one ever did, but I've gotten lots of questions over the years. So... I'm putting it up on my webpage...

9. A DOM based RSS-1.0 Generator in Java

10. Useful Eclipse Plugins

11. Hibernate Annotation Parent/Child

12. Example build.xml file

I seem to need to look this up every time I write a build.xml file.